How to make a woman come

The feelings that a man or woman experiences in the body during sexual climax are related closely to the genital responses of the individual concerned.

So, rather obviously, the sensations of vaginal or uterine contractions and the sensations of ejaculation are unique to men and women respectively. (Oh, yes, female ejaculation is real. And a man can make a woman come in a powerful orgasm complete with with female ejaculation!)

How To Make A Woman Come And How To Give A Woman An Orgasm

However, apart from those specific differences, much research has demonstrated that men and women feel orgasm — or at least they describe their experience of orgasm — in very diverse ways, with no consistent factors in the descriptions of either men or women.

So men, when you make a woman come, when you bring her to orgasm, it may be very similar to how it feels when a woman brings you off!

Indeed, a mixed group of women and men will produce written descriptions of their experience of orgasm which are indistinguishable once the factors specific to either sex (such as vaginal contractions or ejaculation) are removed. And the coital alignment technique is a reliable way to make a woman come. Check it out here.

One consistent aspect of the descriptions of how it feels for a woman when a man makes a woman come is an increase in muscular tension and its release at the moment of climax.

Another common thread in the descriptions of the experience of orgasm is reference to creating some state of altered consciousness, perhaps even a virtual loss of consciousness. If you’re a man who’s made a woman come, you will probably have seen this.

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Types of female orgasm

While the male orgasm appears to be comparatively straightforward, there has been much debate over a period of many years about the nature of the female orgasm, and whether different types of female orgasm do in fact exist. As a man, knowing how to make a woman come, you may have observed such differences.

Of course, the starting point of this debate was Freud’s doctrine that a clitoral orgasm, that is to say an orgasm achieved by means of continued clitoral stimulation, was a sign of emotional or sexual immaturity.

For Freud, the transfer of sexual responsivity from the clitoris to the vagina was a transfer that signaled emotional and sexual maturity.

However, Kinsey and his colleagues challenged the conventional Freudian view of female orgasm by pointing out that the vaginal wall was comparatively insensitive, an observation from which they concluded that the distinction between vaginal clitoral orgasms was a biological impossibility. 

Does this matter if you want to make a woman come? Maybe, maybe not. Perhaps skill and love are what really count ….and time and patience. And respect for a woman – for whom her man’s ability to make her come may be sacred.

Want To Make A Woman Come? Watch This!

This is a rather unexpected finding, since few women today would agree that the internal vaginal walls are comparatively insensitive.

In what may be an example of how the first opinion raised on a subject influences subsequent opinion, Masters and Johnson develop the theme of sexual orgasm in a woman being achieved only through stimulation of the clitoris. Men who have experimented with how to make a woman come will know that this may not be the only way!

The work of these researchers led inevitably to the conclusion that was only one type of female orgasm, a position which is becoming less and less credible, as more and more men find different ways to make a woman come, to produce the female orgasm with clitoral and/or vaginal stimulation.

Evidence continues to accumulate that there are fundamentally different types of female orgasm.

For example, research has discovered that female students draw a clear distinction between orgasm experienced during vaginal intercourse and orgasm which was caused by direct clitoral stimulation whether they were masturbating or sharing sexual activities with their partner. So, men, prepare for all the different ways in which you may be able to make a woman come and enjoy them all!

Other scientists reached the conclusion that there were two female orgasm patterns which could potentially combine in a variety of orgasmic outcomes. Again, men who want to know how to make a woman come may find it helpful to know about the different ways of producing female orgasm.

You need to know about his if you’re  man who wants to make a woman come: in his terminology, vulval orgasm is an orgasm that is reached through stimulation of the clitoris, either directly or indirectly, and which produces vaginal contractions.

The uterine experience produces deeper emotional reactions and might or might not involve vaginal contractions. This might be the result of uterine buffeting by the penis which can occur during deep vaginal penetration during sexual intercourse.

This type of orgasm, which appears to be more emotional, might have been missed in the observations made by Masters and Johnson because of the difficulty of obtaining appropriate an psychological environment in the laboratory. I mean, it isn’t easy for a man to make a woman come when they are being examined in a laboratory!

In some ways this created view fits with the experience of many couples, where a vaginal orgasm is the result of regular rhythmical stimulation of either or both of the G spot area and the uterine wall around the cervix.

Indeed, the most recent developments in the field of female orgasm research focus on the stimulation of the G spot.

Although there has been limited research into the different types of female orgasm, there is much evidence that orgasm produced by stimulation of the anterior vaginal wall and orgasm produced by stimulation of the clitoris actually have different patterns of uterine and pelvic floor muscular contractions. So men, prepare for a new idea around the way men can make a woman come – using either vaginal and / or clitoral orgasms!

What is very clear is that Freud’s manufactured description of the maturity and immaturity of a woman’s sexuality being determined by the type of orgasm that a woman experiences is complete nonsense. Any man who has made a woman come will know this.

In what may be a derivation of this line of thinking, though, it’s been suggested that women who rely on vaginal intercourse to produce orgasm rather than direct clitoral stimulation may have more anxiety, or maybe inclined to reach orgasm this way so as to avoid the more intense sexual excitement that perhaps would be threatening to them.

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